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My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past year, and
I must admit that it has been a turn for the better. I am a
thirty-five-year-old business woman who has been divorced for
five years, and I am trying to get my daughter through college. I
have tried to keep myself in relatively good shape so that I will
remain attractive to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old friend of
mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with two of her friends
from the local college, and she didn’t expect me home until much
later. I had no sooner arrived at my friend’s house than I got
the worst headache ever. After about thirty minutes I realized
that I would be no fun for the evening. I apologized to Tom and
returned home.
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The pictures got me so horny that I came two more times in a daze
of extasy as I stared at them. The girls were licking each other’s
pussies and tits (at the time I could only imagine how utterly erotic
that would feel).

My mind painted pictures of pleasure that made my head swim, and I longed
to live the dream.

With thoughts of myself and another girl licking each others bodies for
an orgasmic eternity, I came again, and collapsed exausted.
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My hand strayed to my pussy again, and I started fantasizing about
how romantic it could be to be with another girl while we were both
getting off. I was slowly turning pages and thinking about which of
the girls would be hottest to be with, when I came to a pictorial that
brought home all the wildest dreams I was having. It was a spread of
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When the shudders ceased, I spread my excess wetness into my inner thighs
and breasts. After panting quietly there on the floor, I sat up and
started looking through the magazines again. I realized with surprize
that I had gotten horny looking at photos of nude GIRLS! Was that normal?

I looked at the pictures. Each of the models was a fleshful fantasy of
curves and hot, wet, lust. I was excited by them, and I decided that if
any girl could get herself off the way I did by looking at other girls,
then she should do it as often as possible.
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It wasn’t long before I ached to do it again. I laid on my back and
brought my knees up touching my shoulders with my feet in the air.
This way I had a great view of my pussy. I spread my lips apart and
slid a finger into my tight but lubricated little puss. This felt great,
and I started slipping my finger in and out while rubbing my clit with my
other hand. Due to the state of pleasure I was already in, and combined
with the erotic joy of getting myself off, it wasn’t long at all before
I came again.


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