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The foil wallpaper covering the foyer seemed to expand the already grand
expanse of space in the entryway. Kathy saw the elegant spiral stairway
leading to the second floor, the high-ceilinged hallway leading to the sunken
living room causing her to exhale in awe. Stephanie guided her down the
hallway, through the immaculate living room, and over to the wet bar separat-
ing the delicate peach patterned walls of the living room from the bright
yellow kitchen. Following Stephanie’s advice, Kathy kicked off her high-
heeled shoes, her feet instantly surrounded by the plush fibers of the deep
carpet beneath her.

Stephanie poured Brandy into snifters for both of them, raised her glass
in salute, and sipped the warm liquid into her throat. Kathy was awe struck
as she returned the salutation and tasted the soothing warmth of the decanted
liquor. Stephanie gave Kathy a quick kiss on the lips, crossed the vast
expanse of the living room, and disappeared through a set of French doors on
the other side of the room. It took Kathy a moment or two before she realized
that Stephanie had never done that to her before.
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The street lamps lifted their feeble lights toward the sky as Stephanie
and Kathy each drove through the neighborhood where Stephanie lived. The
houses, Kathy noted mentally, were either identical twins or mirror images of
one another. Looking down the street, Kathy saw a lighted window gleaming in
the darkness. She followed Stephanie into the driveway of the neat, two-story
house, yellow chrysanthemums surrounding it as high as the windows.
Stephanie’s was a prosperous-looking abode.

Placing her arm around Kathy’s waist, her hand just below the firm mound
of Kathy’s breast, Stephanie carefully guided her up the flagstone walkway to
the oaken double doors of the entryway. Kathy didn’t seem to notice when
Stephanie’s hand ran itself across her breast as she moved to pull the door
key from her purse, her mind was preoccupied with the opulence she speculated
she would find beyond the door.

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The full moon, and the recent articles in the newspapers about the
police cracking down on drunk drivers were sufficient catalysts to keep a
majority of the bar’s regular customers at home that night. Even George, the
owner of the bar, had left shortly after the bar officially opened. Thus,
Kathy and Stephanie worked one of the easiest Saturday nights in a long time.
At two the next morning they shooed the last customer out the front door, and
by three they had all their after work duties taken care of.

“How’d you like to come over to my place for some breakfast?”

Stephanie’s question caught Kathy totally by surprise. Stephanie was
indeed a close friend and a companionable co-worker, but she’d never invited
Kathy to go anywhere with her after work. Kathy accepted the invitation with
a smile and a cheerful little wriggle of her shoulders. Both women had a
spring to their stride as they locked the bar and walked to their cars,
Stephanie offering to let Kathy ride with her, but Kathy opting to follow her to her house instead.
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