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Stephanie’s hands played along Kathy’s sides as Kathy inventoried the
dusty rose hue of the master suite. The king-sized, eiderdown mattress set in
the floor in the center of the room instantly caught her eye. Early morning
sunlight filtered through foggy clerestory windows, illuminating the massive
fireplace on the far wall, it’s hearth an exquisite mural of handmade tiles.
The ebony, satin comforter covering the sunken bed shimmered in the dim glow
of the cafe lights embedded in the ceiling, the reflection of their beams
clearly visible in the mirrored tiles framed into the ceiling over the satiny

Stephanie’s urgings were respectful as she propelled Kathy across the
soft depth of the rose carpet, her hands carefully holding Kathy’s hips as
though they were fragile eggs about to hatch. Reaching the wood inlay on the
step surrounding the sunken bed, Stephanie placed her lips in the nape of Kathy’s neck, her mouth gently sucking at the smooth flesh of Kathy’s
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“My God, Steph!” Kathy’s words exploded from her mouth as she pulled
her face away from Stephanie’s searching tongue.

“I never thought you were…..” her words were stopped by the gentle
pressure of Stephanie’s finger against her lips.

“Shhhhh!” Stephanie’s rejoinder was a bare whisper in the night.

“Let me be the one to help you get what you’ve been without for far too

Kathy’s eyes clouded over like a pair of milk-blue marbles as
Stephanie’s lips once more found hers. Her mind surrendered her body to the
loving embrace. Her tongue returned the prodding advances of Stephanie’s.

She stood on her tiptoes as Stephanie’s hands cupped her firm buttocks,
her nipples brushing against Stephanie’s firm points, her pelvis rubbing
against the downy softness between Stephanie’s legs. Their embrace lasted a
full two minutes, until Stephanie released Kathy from her questing hands and
yearning mouth.

Lovingly, Stephanie led Kathy back across the porch and through the
double doors to the living room. Kathy felt her womanhood throbbing with
wanton anticipation as Stephanie led her through the French doors on the
opposite side of the living room. Her breath caught in her throat when she
entered the room Stephanie had guided her to.

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The moon yawned apathetically then disappeared behind a cloud as Kathy
pulled her T-shirt up over her head, her firm breasts bouncing against her
chest as she released them to the cool early morning air. She felt her
nipples harden in the breeze as she worked her shorts, panty hose, and
underpants down over her thighs and calves. Her curly pubes danced in the
breeze as she crossed the porch to the hot tub, her mind exploding with
questions about her unprecedented behavior. Then, her thoughts became
quiescent as she lowered herself into the steaming water, her thigh brushing
against Stephanie’s outstretched hand as she gave herself over to the soothing
warmth of the bubbling liquid. The moon sparkled like a shimmering silver-
dollar in a spotlight as Kathy and Stephanie exchanged reassuring smiles
through the steamy mist floating above their luxurious pool.

They spent the next half hour basking in the hot tub, sipping Brandy,
and talking about the myriad of customers from the bar. Kathy wasn’t con-
sciously aware that Stephanie kept moving closer and closer to her until she
felt the slender, long-nailed fingers gently massaging the taut flesh of her
shoulders. Kathy flinched involuntarily. No woman, nor man for that matter,
had ever touched her as tenderly as Stephanie was touching her now.

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Holding the snifter in her hand, Kathy walked over to the folding doors
at the back of the living room. Opening one of the panels inward, she saw
that the doors gave way to a wrought iron balcony overlooking a splendid
gazebo. She was just about to walk over to the wood covered enclosure of the
spa overlooking the oriental landscape of the backyard when Stephanie came up
behind her.

“Beautiful sight, under a full moon, at four in the morning; isn’t it?”

“Beautiful,” Kathy’s voice was a croak in her throat, “doesn’t do this
near the justice it deserves.”

“And what’s really relaxing,” Stephanie continued, “is a luscious soak
in the hot tub over there.”

“Yeah,” Kathy replied innocently, “if I’d known I was going to be
exposed to all this tonight, I would have put my swim suit in the car before I
went to work.”

“Swim suits be damned!”

Stephanie’s words echoed in Kathy’s ear as she stepped out from behind
her. Her nakedness took Kathy by surprise, her body an elegant picture that
should have been on the front of a magazine.

Stephanie’s body, Kathy quickly noted, revealed that she spent many
hours under the sun without a stitch of clothing on. There wasn’t a cen-
timeter of pale flesh peaking through the richly bronzed tan which covered
every inch of her smooth flesh. Even her pink nipples had been turned crimson
by the ultra-violet rays of daylight, the areolae providing a reddish-brown
platform for their rich fullness. The richness of Stephanie’s tan was
quaintly offset by the manicured thicket of strawberry hair between her legs,
its hue slightly paler than the windswept mane atop her head.

“Come on, strip out of that horribly confining clothing and join me in
the hot tub.”

Stephanie’s words were thrown over her shoulder as she padded across the
porch and immersed herself in the bubbling warmth filling the tub set flush in
the porch flooring.