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Putting the crop aside, her right hand slid into place on your back as
your left hands clasped; the band begun as if cued. Across the wood
floor, no one else around, the band sounding muffled and distant, the
two of you glided in a waltz. Your eyes were held by hers; you could
barely breathe, overwhelmed by emotion. Your body felt weak, but her
hand made it impossible to fall. And you could feel yourself growing
aroused; your nipples were erect (from the cold of the window, you told
yourself), and you feel the undefined tingling between your legs of
impending excitement. The dance was over after what seemed like an instant; she spun you at
the finale, bowing deeply as she still held your left hand. Again,
your eyes met, and her face lost any expression. You stood, gasping
for breath, wondering what would happen. Then, without haste but with
terrible determination, she pulled you to her, her arms clasped around
you, and lowered her mouth to yours.

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Just as you had regained your composure and was ready to return to the
party, you heard the sharp click of a heel coming down on the floor at
the doorway behind you. You turned, slowly, knowing that it couldn’t
be her, both hoping and fearing that it was. And, of course, it was:
she was wearing her hat and carrying her riding crop, dressed as if
ready to depart. She continued to walk up to you as you stood
motionless, your mouth dry and heart pounding so loud you were afraid
it might drowned out the band. She stopped her confident stride only
three feet from you, and then (with an ironic smile) doffed her hat in
a graceful bow.

One last dance? she asked, eyes smiling and deep, velvet over steel.

Yes, you said, so softly you were sure no one else could hear. But
from your body, your face, you knew what you were saying to her: Yes.
Please. Anything. I beg you.

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Until, at the end of a particularly energetic polka, you dropped a ring
you had been adjusting on your hand. Dipping to pick it up, you stood
up straight only to find yourself staring into her eyes; through the
movement of the crowd, she had end up not two feet from where you had
stooped. The moment lasted an eternity. You drank in the sight of
her, the smell of her; her eyes had paralyzed you as if you were a deer
caught in a car’s headlights. Your mind was a blank; you wanted
nothing except to look at her, give yourself to her. You could feel
your knees grow weak. You wanted to throw yourself at her feet, beg
her to do anything she wished to you, just acknowledge you, accept you

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She was tall, at least six feet. She was dressed in black, in a
perfect coachman’s uniform. She wore tight pants fit into calf-high
boots, shiny and well-polished. Her vest, cut to give her a tight
V-figure, was closed with a double row of bright silver buttons.
Those, and her white cravat, were the only thing which were not black,
black to the point of absorbing the light around her. Her hands and
fingers were long and delicate as she casually tapped the palm of one
hand with a riding crop. Her features were strong, aristocratic, not
feminine except in their beauty. Her close-cropped hair was nearly
completely concealed by a coachman’s top hat. But her eyes drew you
most of all. Large, intense, as dark as her clothing, they held to the
promise of lust, passion, power and even cruelty

The band struck up a waltz on a slightly off note, shocking you back to
reality. You dimly were aware of your partner taking your hand and
leading you onto the dance floor, and the movement gradually brought
you to earth. Occasionally as the dance progressed, you would glimpse
her dancing with women (and always leading). But after every dance,
she was someplace else, asking someone else to dance; you could never
seem to get near to her. Finally, the impression of her first
appearance faded, and the evening continued.
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“You want that repulsive thing sucked,” her sarcastic tone of hatred
was lost to Charlie, “either hook the stupid thing up to the vacuum cleaner or
put your own head between your legs and suck yourself off.”

Kathy departed the apartment without any further incident, Charlie’s
moans echoing through the house as he shot his wad onto his hairy stomach.

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It was going on seven that evening when Kathy put the remainder of her
meager possessions in the back of her car. She hadn’t given Charlie any
details other than it was over and she was leaving. Charlie had remained on
the bed, his nakedness now seeming to her to be that of a gnarled gargoyle in
some fairy tale. Charlie, good ole’ functionally illiterate Charlie, had
stayed as predictable as ever, all the way up to the end.

“Aw c’mon,” his bleating tone irritated Kathy even more, “just one more
blow job for the road.”

Kathy looked across the room to the grotesque gnome laying on the
wrinkled sheets. She never realized that she had such a capacity for being
repulsed, and Charlie was truly repulsive with his little pig sticker flailing
about between his fingers.

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Their passions spent, they hugged each other convulsively, their kisses
still eager and hungry, their prowess like sexual athletes as they surrendered
themselves to one another atop the satin coverlet of the eiderdown bed sunk in
the floor of the master bedroom. A sudden release of abundant happiness
welled up in both their breasts as they kissed each other to sleep, Kathy’s
mind filled with the erotic images of the passionate love she’d just shared
with another woman.

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Kathy’s fingers tangled themselves in the long strands covering
Stephanie’s head, her hands pulling Stephanie’s face into her, her hips
thrusting her flowing womanhood against Stephanie’s mouth, her knee working
Stephanie’s sopping mound until it exploded in a milky white flood that flowed
across her leg and puddled on the satin comforter. Stephanie’s release
holding her in the throes of Aphrodite, she dug her tongue deep into Kathy’s
overflowing goblet, her lips sucking at the overflow, her tongue capturing the
sweet fluids flowing from the depths of Kathy’s womanhood. Their individual
orgasms were multiple, their collective desires were mutually sated, their
unsolicited early-morning love making set every fiber in their bodies trembling.

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“My God, Steph!” Kathy’s words exploded from her mouth as she pulled
her face away from Stephanie’s searching tongue.

“I never thought you were…..” her words were stopped by the gentle
pressure of Stephanie’s finger against her lips.

“Shhhhh!” Stephanie’s rejoinder was a bare whisper in the night.

“Let me be the one to help you get what you’ve been without for far too

Kathy’s eyes clouded over like a pair of milk-blue marbles as
Stephanie’s lips once more found hers. Her mind surrendered her body to the
loving embrace. Her tongue returned the prodding advances of Stephanie’s.

She stood on her tiptoes as Stephanie’s hands cupped her firm buttocks,
her nipples brushing against Stephanie’s firm points, her pelvis rubbing
against the downy softness between Stephanie’s legs. Their embrace lasted a
full two minutes, until Stephanie released Kathy from her questing hands and
yearning mouth.

Lovingly, Stephanie led Kathy back across the porch and through the
double doors to the living room. Kathy felt her womanhood throbbing with
wanton anticipation as Stephanie led her through the French doors on the
opposite side of the living room. Her breath caught in her throat when she
entered the room Stephanie had guided her to.

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The foil wallpaper covering the foyer seemed to expand the already grand
expanse of space in the entryway. Kathy saw the elegant spiral stairway
leading to the second floor, the high-ceilinged hallway leading to the sunken
living room causing her to exhale in awe. Stephanie guided her down the
hallway, through the immaculate living room, and over to the wet bar separat-
ing the delicate peach patterned walls of the living room from the bright
yellow kitchen. Following Stephanie’s advice, Kathy kicked off her high-
heeled shoes, her feet instantly surrounded by the plush fibers of the deep
carpet beneath her.

Stephanie poured Brandy into snifters for both of them, raised her glass
in salute, and sipped the warm liquid into her throat. Kathy was awe struck
as she returned the salutation and tasted the soothing warmth of the decanted
liquor. Stephanie gave Kathy a quick kiss on the lips, crossed the vast
expanse of the living room, and disappeared through a set of French doors on
the other side of the room. It took Kathy a moment or two before she realized
that Stephanie had never done that to her before.
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The street lamps lifted their feeble lights toward the sky as Stephanie
and Kathy each drove through the neighborhood where Stephanie lived. The
houses, Kathy noted mentally, were either identical twins or mirror images of
one another. Looking down the street, Kathy saw a lighted window gleaming in
the darkness. She followed Stephanie into the driveway of the neat, two-story
house, yellow chrysanthemums surrounding it as high as the windows.
Stephanie’s was a prosperous-looking abode.

Placing her arm around Kathy’s waist, her hand just below the firm mound
of Kathy’s breast, Stephanie carefully guided her up the flagstone walkway to
the oaken double doors of the entryway. Kathy didn’t seem to notice when
Stephanie’s hand ran itself across her breast as she moved to pull the door
key from her purse, her mind was preoccupied with the opulence she speculated
she would find beyond the door.

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The full moon, and the recent articles in the newspapers about the
police cracking down on drunk drivers were sufficient catalysts to keep a
majority of the bar’s regular customers at home that night. Even George, the
owner of the bar, had left shortly after the bar officially opened. Thus,
Kathy and Stephanie worked one of the easiest Saturday nights in a long time.
At two the next morning they shooed the last customer out the front door, and
by three they had all their after work duties taken care of.

“How’d you like to come over to my place for some breakfast?”

Stephanie’s question caught Kathy totally by surprise. Stephanie was
indeed a close friend and a companionable co-worker, but she’d never invited
Kathy to go anywhere with her after work. Kathy accepted the invitation with
a smile and a cheerful little wriggle of her shoulders. Both women had a
spring to their stride as they locked the bar and walked to their cars,
Stephanie offering to let Kathy ride with her, but Kathy opting to follow her to her house instead.
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My hand strayed to my pussy again, and I started fantasizing about
how romantic it could be to be with another girl while we were both
getting off. I was slowly turning pages and thinking about which of
the girls would be hottest to be with, when I came to a pictorial that
brought home all the wildest dreams I was having. It was a spread of
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