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I started playing in front of the mirror–trying out the poses that the
girls in the pictures were in. In the course of this I was touching
myself in ways I’d never been touched before, and my body responded.
My nipples got hard and my skin tingled, and then I came to a picture of
a girl with her legs apart, left hand cupping a breast, and the right
rubbing her pussy. When I tried this pose I guess I changed my life.
Massaging my pussy felt good in a tingly sort of way, and as I continued,
it grew wet and the sensation slowly increased.

The thrill of watching me please myself took me over, and I lusted after
my own body. Licking my lips, I let go of my tit and used my free hand
to fondle myself all over. I ran my hand over my face and licked my
fingers, then rubbed my tits again and teased my nipples. lesbian porno gallery

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