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The full moon, and the recent articles in the newspapers about the
police cracking down on drunk drivers were sufficient catalysts to keep a
majority of the bar’s regular customers at home that night. Even George, the
owner of the bar, had left shortly after the bar officially opened. Thus,
Kathy and Stephanie worked one of the easiest Saturday nights in a long time.
At two the next morning they shooed the last customer out the front door, and
by three they had all their after work duties taken care of.

“How’d you like to come over to my place for some breakfast?”

Stephanie’s question caught Kathy totally by surprise. Stephanie was
indeed a close friend and a companionable co-worker, but she’d never invited
Kathy to go anywhere with her after work. Kathy accepted the invitation with
a smile and a cheerful little wriggle of her shoulders. Both women had a
spring to their stride as they locked the bar and walked to their cars,
Stephanie offering to let Kathy ride with her, but Kathy opting to follow her to her house instead.
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