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And, again, she turned away, but this time with the most delicate and
private of smiles; a smile that was kind and cruel, loving and harsh
all at once. And you could bear it no longer; as swiftly as you could
you hastened out of the room, down the long carpeted hall, across the
cold wood floor of the study to the window, casting it open and deeply
drinking the night air, feeling tears of joy? shame? rage? well up on
your face.

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“You want that repulsive thing sucked,” her sarcastic tone of hatred
was lost to Charlie, “either hook the stupid thing up to the vacuum cleaner or
put your own head between your legs and suck yourself off.”

Kathy departed the apartment without any further incident, Charlie’s
moans echoing through the house as he shot his wad onto his hairy stomach.

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My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past year, and
I must admit that it has been a turn for the better. I am a
thirty-five-year-old business woman who has been divorced for
five years, and I am trying to get my daughter through college. I
have tried to keep myself in relatively good shape so that I will
remain attractive to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old friend of
mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with two of her friends
from the local college, and she didn’t expect me home until much
later. I had no sooner arrived at my friend’s house than I got
the worst headache ever. After about thirty minutes I realized
that I would be no fun for the evening. I apologized to Tom and
returned home.
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I started playing in front of the mirror–trying out the poses that the
girls in the pictures were in. In the course of this I was touching
myself in ways I’d never been touched before, and my body responded.
My nipples got hard and my skin tingled, and then I came to a picture of
a girl with her legs apart, left hand cupping a breast, and the right
rubbing her pussy. When I tried this pose I guess I changed my life.
Massaging my pussy felt good in a tingly sort of way, and as I continued,
it grew wet and the sensation slowly increased.

The thrill of watching me please myself took me over, and I lusted after
my own body. Licking my lips, I let go of my tit and used my free hand
to fondle myself all over. I ran my hand over my face and licked my
fingers, then rubbed my tits again and teased my nipples. lesbian porno gallery

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