Lesbian kunnilingus and fingering

lesbian temptations
Kathy’s fingers tangled themselves in the long strands covering
Stephanie’s head, her hands pulling Stephanie’s face into her, her hips
thrusting her flowing womanhood against Stephanie’s mouth, her knee working
Stephanie’s sopping mound until it exploded in a milky white flood that flowed
across her leg and puddled on the satin comforter. Stephanie’s release
holding her in the throes of Aphrodite, she dug her tongue deep into Kathy’s
overflowing goblet, her lips sucking at the overflow, her tongue capturing the
sweet fluids flowing from the depths of Kathy’s womanhood. Their individual
orgasms were multiple, their collective desires were mutually sated, their
unsolicited early-morning love making set every fiber in their bodies trembling.

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