Lesbian Wives

Alice was
sitting in her favorite chair, reading the paper. I came up
behind her and started rubbing her neck. “Umm, thanks Sue, that
feels good!” I brought my mouth up against her neck and kissed
it. She caught a whiff of my perfume. “Ooh, I love that perfume.
Does it mean what it usually means?”
“Yes, love.” I nibbled her ear for a minute. “Give me a
couple of minutes then come up to bed. I have a surprise for
She turned a little and we kissed on the lips. “Ok, sounds
good to me.”
I gave her neck a final caress and then trotted up to our
room. I closed the door and lit our oil lamp. It is a nicer light
to make love to than the electrics. I unsnapped my jeans and
pushed them to the floor, with my panties. My shirt came next,
then quickly my bra, which I dropped on my dresser for tomorrow.
Flopping down on the bed, I pulled off my socks. Quickly, I
gathered everything off the floor and popped them into the
hamper. I took a moment to straighten my hair in the mirror, and
put on the necklace that Alice gave me for my birthday. Then I
stepped back to look at myself in the mirror.
I like my body. I work hard to keep it fit. It was a
struggle after Jason was born to get it back in some semblance of
shape, but I managed it. Alice liked it and that was what really
mattered. My tits were still firm, although they sagged a little.
My belly was only slightly out of shape. And my pussy was just
fine, thank you. Especially tonight.
This morning, while the kids in were in school, I shaved my
pussy in order to surprise Alice. I was bald now! My pussy looked
so smooth. I ran my hand across it, it felt smooth. I was getting
wet thinking about Alice’s hands there, her mouth licking me
there. “Stop it Sue!” I thought “Alice will be right up. You need
to get into bed.”
I pulled back the sheets, hopped in and pulled the covers
over me, so Alice would have to wait for her surprise. She was
right up. She came in the door with two glasses of wine. She bent
over me and kissed me, then handed me one. As I sipped it, she
put down her glass, then went back and closed the door. Standing
in front of the bed, she slowly unbuttoned the white blouse she
had worn under her suit jacket. She made it into a ball, then
tossed into the dry-clean bag. Then she reached behind and
unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She slid her tap pants
to the floor and negligently unsnapped her bra and dropped it.
This left her in only her stockings, the kind that hold
themselves up on your thighs.
She was lovely. I love the way she looks. Her short hair is
brown, with just a hint of auburn. Her little tits were topped by
big areolae. Her stomach is flat. She didn’t have much trouble
loosing weight after Julie was born, which I really envied. And
her lovely pussy. Ohh, I shivered thinking about tasting it. She
took off her earrings and tossed them causally on her dresser
“Stop there, don’t take off your stockings. Just get into bed,” I
“What’s the surprise?” She asked as she got in next to me.
“You’ll find out.” And I kissed her.
We leaned into each other. My hand went to her face, hers to
my breast. She found out immediately how excited I was, my
nipples were hard as a rock. She pinched one between her thumb
and forefinger. I inhaled sharply with the intense pleasure.
Alice pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it, drawing it
in. She pulled it out then pushed it in again, promising later
pleasures. I moaned in appreciation.
I reached down to feel her tits as she broke the kiss and
moved her mouth to my neck. I put my hand around the whole breast
and squeezed and rubbed it. She responded by bitting my neck
playfully. She always knows just the spot that drives me crazy.
My pussy was soaking now. Alice was really turned on too. Her
nipple was swollen and hard. And she was making that little noise
she makes when she’s really going.
Her hand was still cupping one of my large tits when she
skimmed her lips down and took it’s nipple in her mouth. My head
fell back and I moaned loudly, “Oh, suck it, please, suck it!
Suck my tits, Alice.” I don’t usually talk when we’re making
love, but sometimes, when we are just in phase, I start babbling
and it feeds into Alice more. Her hand left my tit and moved down
my body. My secret was about to be revealed.
Her fingers moved swiftly down my belly to my pussy. When
they reached their destination, they stopped, suddenly. This was
not as they expected. Alice stopped sucking on my tit. She looked
at me questioningly, “Sue, did you…?” The question hung in the
“Yes,” I giggled. “Have a look.”
She flung back the covers. My naked pussy glistened in its
own juices, tantalizing in the lantern light. “Oh, Susan
Michelle, it’s beautiful!” She caressed it with her hand. “So
smooth!” Her rubbing let more liquid ooze from my slit,
lubricating me. “And so slippery. I love it!” She kissed me
again, her hands moving all around, spreading my juice all around
the area. She brought her fingers up between our mouths and we
tasted them together. “I’ve just got to lick you!” She was
already moving there.
“Please, Alice. Oh, please. I’ve wanted you to since I
thought about shaving.” She reached her destination. Her tongue
found my clit immediately. “Ohh yeah, lick my pussy, Alice. Suck
my clit, yessss! That’s it.” Alice’s right hand moved below her
mouth and into my pussy. First two, then three fingers, back and
forth, in and out, while her mouth worked it’s magic on the top
of my slit. My hands played with the hair on the back of her
The first climax came quickly! “Oh God! Oh Alice!” I
screamed. I held her head close to me through the spasms.
“That’s fun, watching you come when you’re bald!” Alice
giggled up at me when I was through. “Let see if we can do it
As her tongue moved all over my lips now, her fingers slid
out of my pussy and down to my ass. “Oh, rub my asshole, Alice,
rub it!” She rubbed my hole with my juices while her tongue slid
quickly in and out of my pussy. Her left hand found my clit and
her fingers grabbed it and started massaging it. “Oooh, yesss. My
clit, my clit, rub my clit.” Now she took one slippery finger and
slid it into my ass. “Aaah, yes, oh!” Soon she started moving it
in and out. That was all it took. My body start thrashing wildly
and I was making all sorts of loud noises that must have been
completely incoherent. My pussy spasmed again and again. My whole
body shook. I grabbed the sheets and held on as the waves passed
through my body.
We were still for a minute, while I reveled in the feelings.
Then I said, “Now, Alice, I want to taste you. I want to lick
that hot juicy cunt of yours. I want to cover my face with your
cum and suck on your little clit.”
“We are talkative today, aren’t we,” Alice giggled. I
stayed about where I was and Alice moved up and straddled my
face. I love that view: her blue stockings ending a couple of
inches below her open pussy, gleaming with wetness, and covered
in thick brown hair. Further up those two cute little tits and
finally her beautiful face framed by her now disheveled hair.
Her fingers strayed to play with herself for a moment. “Is
this what you want, Sue?” To respond I simply raised my head and
started licking her. My hands reached up and grabbed her waist
and brought her down so she squatted on top of my mouth. Her
hands started to play with her tits.
I love the way Alice tastes. There are days when I can’t get
enough of her. I started by pushing my tongue as far as I could
into her, reaching at the same time behind her to play with her
tight little ass. Her fingers danced on her nipples: pinching,
twisting. With a moan, she spread her thighs wider, and slid oh
so slightly back. I knew she wanted me to suck her clit. I teased
around it for a moment, bringing moans of “Please, Sue, please,
now.” Then I took her firm clit between my lips and sucked on it
like it was candy. (Which it is, I guess.) She called, “Oh, God!”
and shuttered. Her pussy convulsed, and my face was moistened
with still more of her juice.
Now spent, Alice slid back down and curled next to me. Her
hand traced around my breasts then slid down to my pussy. She
smiled as she reached it again and began to very slowly trace the
now-unfamiliar contours. “Thanks Sue.” she whispered. “I love
“I love you too,” I kissed her. “Sometimes we need something
“Yeah.” I could see that she was getting tired. It had been
a long day for her. I leaned down, pulled up the covers then
leaned over and extinguished the lamp.
“Sleep well.”